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Sino-Foreign Student Cultural Exchange Festival--- A Classic Drama Thunderstorm Was Performed Successfully

Publisher:林紫薇 Published:2021-05-13 Times :

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and to enrich the students’ campus life,Thunderstorm, a classic Chinese drama, co-sponsored by the Department of International Relations, Division of the Students’ Affairs, and the Youth League Committee of SPU,was performed by the Students’ English Drama Association successfully in the multiple function hall of the students' activity center in the South Campus on the evening of May 12.

The party was divided into two parts. Firstly, the international students sangSinging the Motherland in Chinese to show their love to SPU and China. Their singing touched the hearts of the audience and rounds of applause broke out in the hall brimming with warm atmosphere.

Afterwards,Thunderstorm performed by the members of the English Drama Association began. The drama, which is set in China in 1925, focuses on a 30-year feud between two families. It is so complicated that eight characters of the two families are involved in the story occurring in a single day. Ethical conflicts, class struggles and the irreconcilable contradiction between individuals, environment and times were presented on a confined stage. The best of all is the characterization accomplished in all the intense conflicts.


The whole cast and those who work behind the scenes of the English Drama Association have been preparing for the performance for almost two years. Not only did they manage to translate the classic literary work into English but also offered the audience an amazing visual and acoustic feast. Their wonderful performance absorbed the audience in the drama and touched them deeply. The international students were even more impressed by the charm of the classic Chinese literature, and the constant applause from the audience certainly spoke highly of the performance of the association team.

The Department of International Relations has been engaging in cultural communication between students domestic and overseas, and try to build a bridge for a mutual understanding between Chinese students and students from abroad, transcending time and space, putting your hand in my hand. The cultural activities organized by the Department of International Relations are dedicated to the 90th anniversary ofthefounding of SPU.

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