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Fire safety education activities prepared for foreign students

Publisher:Lin Chunyu Published:2021-03-19 Times :

In order to enhance the foreign students' knowledge of fire safety and develop their ability to protect property and self-security as to guarantee their campus life, Department of International Relations organizdthe Defense Department jointly a fire safety education activity for foreign students on the afternoon of September 7. More than 40 teachers and students participated in the activity.

The activity contained two main contents. The first one was a fire safety knowledge lecture delivered by Jiang Yong, the head of the Department of Defense. He talked about fire hazards, effective prevention methods and emergency measures on the basis of fire incidents occurred in universities in recent years. The second was a fire drill. Jiang Yong explained the usage of fire extinguishers and matters need attention to teachers and studentswho used the fire extinguishers under the guidance of the Department of Defense to carry out the drill.

This fire safety education activity further enhanced students' awareness of fire safety, helping them master the basic skills of putting out a fire, effectively improved the international students' ability of self-protection, and contributed to the construction of a safer campus. 



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