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Semester Arrangement and Duration of Study

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Semester Arrangement and Duration of Study



Article 10 The semester is divided into two semesters: spring and fall. Specific arrangements should be done according to university calendar.

第十条 沈阳药科大学来华留学学期分为春季和秋季两个学期。具体安排以校历为准。

Article 11 Full-time undergraduate education duration is four years. According to different majors of postgraduates, duration for master is 3 years.

第十一条 全日制本科生的学制为4年。硕士生学制为3年。

Article 12 Students who cannot complete their studies within the stipulated academic duration may apply for extension of the duration of study, and the maximum extension period shall not exceed 2 years. Extension of the duration should be paid by the students.

第十二条 在规定的学制内无法完成学业的留学生可以申请延长学习年限,延长年限最长不得超过2年。延长学习期限须另行缴费。

2.4 Curriculum Credits


Article 14 Curriculum consists of compulsory courses. The compulsory course is a course that students must complete and cannot choose independently.

第十四条 开设课程为必修课。必修课是学生必须完成且不能自主选择的课程。

Article 15 Calculation of credits: 16 hours of theoretical course amount to 1 credit. 1 week of centralized practical teaching amount to 1 credit. For scattering teaching practice, 1 credit usually amount to 16 hours of teaching content. Activity credits are given at each attendance event. The credits for each course are based on the teaching plan.

第十五条 学分的计算方法:理论课程16学时为1学分,集中实践环节1周为1学分,分散实践环节每学分一般按16学时的教学内容设置。活动学分按每次出席活动给予。每门课程的学分以教学计划为准。


Article 16 The courses for the calculation of credits shall be subject to examination or assessment, and those who have passed the examinations can obtain credits.

第十六条 计算学分的课程均要进行考试或考核,及格者方可取得学分。




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