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Suspension and Resuming of Schooling

Publisher:Department of International Relations Published:2021-03-19 Times :

Suspension and Resuming of Schooling



Article 31 Suspension

1. Students who are under any of the following circumstances shall be suspended from school:

(1) Due to illness, the students need to get treatment for more than one-third of one semester by the regular hospital diagnosis;

(2) Absent from leave (including sick leave and leave for personal affairs) accounted for more than one-third of the total school hours of the semester;

(3) For some special reason, upon his application, the university agrees or the university considers it necessary to suspend the student.

2. Students should apply for suspension by themselves, and get approval from INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT, and signed by the dean. And then his suspension will be reported to the relevant departments for the record.

3. Students are generally suspended for one semester. Under special circumstances, upon approval, he may continue with the suspension, but the cumulative duration shall not exceed 2 years.

4. Suspension Student should leave university within the prescribed time. The university will retain his student status. During this period, students will not enjoy the student status, and scholarships will be discontinued. The responsibility for the management of the student during his or her suspension is borne by the student himself and his family.

第三十一条 休学








Article 32 Resuming of Schooling

1. If suspension student wants to resume of schooling, he/she should apply one month before the expiry of the suspension period, to submit a written application to return to school, approved by the INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT office, signed by the dean, and then he may apply for resuming of schooling. Students who have violated Chinese laws and regulations during the period of suspension will be disqualified for resuming of schooling.

2. Suspension due to illness, the student should apply for a paper of “normal health condition” issued by a regular hospital. Those who forged a diagnostic paper or failed a review will not be re-admitted; suspension because of other reasons, the necessary supporting materials shall be provided, otherwise the student will not be re-admitted.

第三十二条 复学



2.8 Repeat a Year and Drop out of School


Article 33 Repeat a Year

1. Those who need to retake the course for more than 8 credits in one semester should repeat that year;

2. Two weeks after the commencement of each semester, students will be examined and approved by the INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT Office and signed by the dean.

第三十三条 留级

1. 一学期需重修课程达到8学分者应予留级;



Article 34 Drop out of School

第三十四条 退学

1. Students who are under any of the following circumstances should drop out:

(1) For any reason whatsoever, failing to complete his or her studies within the duration;

(2) Students who fail to complete the formalities for resuming their schooling after suspension or who fail the review after the application for resuming of schooling;

(3) According to regulations, the one who must be suspended, but he refused to be suspended;

(4) According to formal hospital diagnosis, the one who is suffering from illness or accidental disability and can not continue his study;

(5) More than two-third of the total semester absenteeism;

(6) Those who fail to register within the prescribed period without justifiable reasons;

(7) Leave without permission and duration is more than 4 weeks;

(8) The ones who apply to drop out.











2. The student who drops out must be examined by the INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT student management office, and approved by the school office and singed by the dean, and then reports to the relevant department for record. For students who drop out, INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT will issue a written decision on drop-out or inform the applicant, and shall report to the governing department at the same time for record.



3. The aftercare of the drop-out student shall be handled in accordance with the following provisions:

(1) Students who drop out are required to go through the formalities and leave school within one week.

(2) Through formal hospital diagnosis, with a serious illness or accidental disability, the students can not continue to study, the guardian shall take the students back home;

(3) Drop-out Students who have completed the formalities for leaving school will be issued a Drop-out Certificate by the INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT office.

(4) Students who have dropped out of school for various reasons may not apply for resuming of schooling.










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