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Congratulations to Professor Lin LiYan wining “The Rose Prize of Shenyang”
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On November 2, Shenyang Municipal Government held the awarding ceremony of 2017 Annual “The Rose Prize of Shenyang”ceremoniously. “The Rose Prize of Shenyang” is awarded to the foreign experts who make outstanding contributions in technological innovation, project management, education, scientific research and personnel exchange and cooperation for Shenyang. On the ceremony, Jiang Youwei, Mayor of Shenyang, presented awards to winners and made warm remarks.

Professor Lin Liyan from SPU received this award. Prof. Lin was hired as a foreign professor by our school since September 2011. He has been devoting himself to the research on influence of extra-cellular matrix components on physiology and pharmacology of cells, and he made significant contributions to the development and construction of pharmacology in our school. Professor Lin has lectured “Biochemistry of Collagen and Extra-cellular Matrix” and “Functional Biology” on many occasions and invited Japanese experts to do special lectures. In the past six years, he participated in the guiding work of thematic students and postgraduate students; he has directed more than 20 master degree candidates, 19 doctoral candidates and published 22 SCI papers (6 SCI papers are under review). Prof. Lin participated in and completed the National Natural Science Foundation of China Fund Project “Research on the Regulation Mechanism of Silybin on Active Oxygen/Reactive Nitrogen - Mitochondria - Autophagy - Inflammatory Pathways in Alzheimer's Disease”. In all, Prof. Lin has made outstanding contributions to the research and teaching for our school, so his winning of “The Rose Prize of Shenyang” is widely expected.

“The Rose Prize of Shenyang” is the highest reward to foreign experts who make outstanding contributions to economic construction and social development of Shenyang. 2017 Annual “The Rose Prize of Shenyang” is won by ten foreign experts from countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States, Austria and so on.

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