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SPU Undertakes the 27th National Conference on Pharmaceutical Analysis & the 3rd International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Analysis.
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The 27th National Conference on Pharmaceutical Analysis & the 3rd International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Analysis, hosted by Council of National Conference on Pharmaceutical Analysis, undertaken by SPU and co-organized by Editorial Department of Journal of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, was held in Wanda Vista, Shenyang from Oct. 25th to 27th and concluded successfully. Themed with "Sharing Innovative Achievements and Leading Discipline Development”, the event attracted nearly 400 domestic and overseas experts, scholars and young students from over 60 universities and research institutions. Professor Di Xin, chairwoman of SPU Pharmaceutical Analysis Discipline, hosted the opening ceremony. Professor Guoan Luo, president of Council of National Conference on Pharmaceutical Analysis, professor Cheng Maosheng, vice president of SPU, delivered speeches respectively.

Experts invited to deliver lectures include Academician Liu Changxiao at Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, professor Luo Guoan at Tsinghua university, professor He Chonglang at Xi’an Jiaotong University, professor Cai Yifeng at The Second Military Medical University, professor Zhang Zunjian at China Pharmaceutical University, professor Zeper Abliz at Minzu University of China, professor Qian Xiaohong at Academy of Military Medical Sciences, professor Chen Yi at Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor Xu Guowang at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor Wang Jianhua at Northeastern University, professor Jun Haginaka at Mukogawa Women's University, Kwon, Sung Won at Seoul National University, professor Jia Wei at University of Hawaii,Jeongmi Lee at Sungkyunkwan University, professor He Zhonggui and professor Li Qing at SPU.

57 parallel sessions were held and hundreds of posters were displayed, covering five aspects as “Drug Quality Evaluation”, “Drug safety Analysis”, “New Materials and Technologies for Pharmaceutical Analysis”, “Precision Analytical Pharmacology” and “Technologies in Omics and Translational Medicine”, which fully showed new progress and innovative achievements of China’s pharmaceutical analysis discipline in recent years.

A total of 5 first prize winners, 10 second prize winners and 13 excellent prize winnersfororal presentation and 10 best poster prize winners were selected. Associate professor Zhao Longshan, a young teacher in SPU, won first prize; PhD candidates Feng Yukun and Di Xin won second prize. Several other master students won excellent presentation prize and best poster prize.

The conference set up a platform for domestic and overseas pharmaceutical analysts to discuss and exchange academic frontiers, achieved desired objectives and won wide applause from experts and delegates. The successful conclusion of the conference promoted discipline exchange and cooperation, pushed the development of China’s pharmaceutical analysis discipline forward, greatly enhanced the reputation and influence of SPU’s pharmaceutical analysis discipline at home and abroad, and had a positive impact on improving the academic level, sharpening discipline orientation and attracting talents.

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