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Vice President of SPU Cheng Maosheng Calls on Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia Yim Chhay Ly
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On June 19, Cheng Maosheng, Vice President of SPU, paid a call on Yim Chhay Ly, the Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia, in Qingdao. Deputy Prime Minister Yim Chhay Ly met with Vice President Cheng Maosheng after talking with Wang Yang, Vice Premier of PRC. The Director of the Vice Minister’s General Office H.E. CHEA Samnang,economist of Agriculture and Rural Development Commission H.E. Sam Sarat and the consultant of Agriculture and Rural Development Commission H.E. Lim Hour and some other guests attended the meeting. Also present at the meeting were Cai Hongyu, SPU Director of the Division of International Exchange and Communication, and Jiang Zhuquan, SPU alumnus and Director of Shenyang Huaxing Drug Research Institute, etc.

Yim Chhay Ly first of all expressed warm welcome to and sincere gratitude for Cheng Maosheng. He pointed out that, under the circumstance of friendly cooperation between China and Cambodia, Cambodia had been supported and helped by China, and hoped for not only help from China in agriculture and economic construction, but also cooperation for talent cultivation, especially special talents in medical and health field. Yim Chhay Ly also noted that Cambodia had abundant resources of herbs thanks to its location in the Northeast Asia, the use of herbs was common among the folks and they even had a traditional herb bureau under the Ministry of Health in Phnom Penh.Yim Chhay Ly invited a SPU delegation to pay a field visit to Cambodia as soon as possible to have in-depth understanding of the local development of pharmaceutical education, explore the varieties of herbs in existence and the vast resources of wild herbs in Cambodia and cooperate on researching on how to develop and use herbs. Yim Chhay Ly mentioned that a comprehensive hospital which would be open in four years was under construction, and the new hospital would be faced with the lack of pharmaceutical talents. Therefore, they hoped SPU could cultivate qualified pharmaceutical talents for the health of the Cambodians.

Cheng Maosheng first conveyed the greetings from Wu Chunfu, the Secretary of the School Party Committee, and President Bi Kaishun. Then Mr. Cheng introduced SPU’s history, development and the present situations of teaching and research, especially elaborating on the capability of teaching and research and international communication and cooperation. Mr. Cheng mentioned that SPU was a comprehensive pharmaceutical university with the longest history in China with outstanding faculty and capability of scientific research; since its foundation 85 years before, SPU had cultivated large numbers of pharmaceutical talents and enjoyed a very important position in China’s pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Cheng said that it was his honor to talk with Vice Prime Minister on behalf of SPU and hoped SPU could contribute to Sino – Cambodia exchange and cooperation, especially to the health of Chinese and Cambodian people. Cheng Maosheng pointed out that, with the attention and promotion of the Chinese government and Cambodian government, especially those of the senior leaders from the two countries, the communication and cooperation between SPU and Cambodia were bound to be smooth, fruitful and successful.

After an hour’s relaxing and cheerful talks, the two sides reached a preliminary agreement on personnel training, cooperative education and research and development.

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