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SPU 2017 Postgraduates Commencement
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At 14:00, June 29, the commencement and the degree ceremony of the 2017 postgraduates was held at the Students’ Activity Center on the south campus of SPU. Secretary of Party Committee of SPU Wu Chunfu, President Bi Kaishun, Vice Secretary of Party Committee Hou Yanlin, Vice President Cheng Maosheng, Vice President Li Weifang, Vice President Gong Ping and members of the Degree Conferral Committee attended the commencement hosted by Vice Director of the General Office Chu Zhiming.

Li Yan, Vice Dean of the Graduate School, announced the award to 100 outstanding postgraduates and leaders presented the awards to the winners. The new graduates donated 6,000 yuan to the Alumni Fund and Secretary Wu Chunfu and President Bi Kaishun accepted the donation on behalf of the school. Song Shaojiang, Dean of the Graduate School, announced Doctor’s Degree awarded to 111 graduates, Academic Master’s Degrees to 414 graduates, Professional Master’s Degree to 211 graduates, and Master’s Degree to 93 applicants with the same level of education, respectively. President Bi Kaishun awarded certificates to the representatives of the graduates.

When the degree ceremony began, the new graduates walked onto the stage in academicals to welcome the most solemn moments in their life. Chairman of the Degree Conferral Committee Wu Chunfu awarded Doctoral Degree to all the doctoral graduates one by one. Members of the Degree Conferral Committee awarded Master’s degree to all the master graduates. Master Xu Mengjie, Chairperson of Students’ Union of the Graduate School delivered a speech on behalf of all the new graduates. She expressed their gratitude for, attachment to and blessings for Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and all the teachers here as well as expectations of the bright future: they would always take pride in being a student in Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, and they will always be guided by the motto of Unity, Diligence, Truth Seeking and Innovation in their future life. Vice President Cheng Maosheng congratulated the graduates on behalf of the school, and expressed gratitude to the hardworking tutors and faculty in the Graduate School. He hoped that the graduates would inherit SPU’s good tradition, adhere to lifelong – learning, learn morality and skills from both books and life, constantly improve and transcend themselves and achieve greater success; they would inherit the spirit of SPU’s people, regard the motto of Unity, Diligence, Truth Seeking and Innovation as the source of their power for pursuing science, cultivate the ethos of being realistic and pragmatic with our reverence toward science, work in a down-to-earth manner and try to contribute to the development of our nation’s pharmaceutical cause. He also expressed blessing for all the new graduates to have a bright future and happy life, and hopedthat SPU would always be the graduates’ spiritual home. The degree ceremony ended amidst the solemn school anthem and warm applause.

After the ceremony, members of the Degree Conferral Committee took photos with the new graduates.

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