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Carrying Forward SPU Spirit and Passing on Revolutionary Tradition —— Deputy Secretary Hou Yanlin led the team to Ruijin, Jiangxi to carry out training activities of the cadres
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According to the unified arrangements and deployments of the School Party Committee, led by the Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Hou Yanlin, a group of 17 people, consisting of deputy secretaries and vice presidents of each school, and several teachers from Social Science Department, went to Ruijin, Jiangxi to carry out tertiary cadres training activities on the theme of “Carrying Forward the SPU Spirit and Passing on the Revolutionary Tradition”.

They went to Ruijin, tea mountain and other places for inspection and training, they reviewed the party’s history, revolution history and the history of SPU, and the distinguished visiting professor Liu Liang from Jinggangshan Cadre College was invited to give party lecture titled “medical and health work in the Central Soviet Area”. The training summary work was carried out, all the participants responded positively and expressed that they were inspired and encouraged, and they are going to inherit and carry forward the fine tradition and style of the battlefield heroes, and to further practice “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building”, to be loyal to the party’s education, give full play to the exemplary role of party members, cadres and social science teachers, and contribute to the development of medical industry and the prospect of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University.

Deputy Secretary Hou Yanlin put forward his whishes, he hopes that all the trainees bring back what they saw, heard and felt during this trip to SPU, and integrate it into their work, apply it to teaching, set up firm ideals and beliefs, spread positive energy, let more teachers and students feel the red power of the SPU, remain true to the hearts, inherit and carry forward the SPU spirit with practical actions, pour greater enthusiasm and commitment into work, and contribute to the further development of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University.

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