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Prof. Zheng Jiang Named Highly Prolific Authors (most published articles in the past 5 years) by the Authoritative Journal of Chemical Research in Toxicology
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Recently, prof. Zheng Jiang of our SPU was named Highly Prolific Authors (most published articles in the past 5 years) by the authoritative journal ofChemical Research in Toxicology. The selection was designed to celebrate the one million editions of the journals of the American Chemical society. The participants of this activity include the correspondent authors and published papers of journals of the American Chemical Society, the participating items include “Most Cited Articles”, “Highly Prolific Authors”, “Most read Articles”, “Highly Read ACS Editors’ Choice Articles” and so on, aiming to honor the scientists who have made great contributions to the field of chemistry. Prof. Zheng Jiang has not only won honor for SPU, but also won a place in the field of international toxicology and chemistry for china.

Chemical Research in Toxicologyis the journal of American Chemical Society, which is the most authoritative journal in the field of toxicological chemistry.The journal is dedicated to exploring the effects of chemical and biological toxicants on human health, the collected papers cover the molecular mechanisms involved in the interaction between various toxic substances and biological organisms, including 1) the molecular mechanism of cell toxicity caused by toxic substances; 2) the mechanism research on disease cell levels resulting from toxic substances affecting the body; 3)methodological development and application of interactions between toxic substances and biological organisms.

In recent five years, prof. Zheng Jiang has published 13 papers in the journal as correspondent author, and 7 articles were published in 2016. These articles cover the mechanism study on organ toxicity or P450 enzyme inhibition caused by a variety of toxic ingredients in chemical medicine and Chinese medicine. The chemical medicine includesbenzbromarone, saracatinib and some clinical drugs.Toxic components of Chinese medicine include diosbulbin B and 8 - diosbulbin E acetate in airpotato yam, emodin in polygonum multiflorum and Chinese rhubarb, dauricine in Rhizoma Menispermi, and the azole alkaloids widely found in plants.

Prof. Zheng Jiang was named “Climbing Scholar” of Liaoning Province in 2012, and worked in SPU as a leading personnel. He set up the research team on drug metabolism, drug toxicology and pharmaceutical chemistry. In the past five years, the research team has trained 42 master degree candidates, 11 doctoral candidates, and published more than 40 SCI papers (IF>3.5/ articles, 20 papers published in SCI in 2016 alone). Prof. Zheng Jiang has long been engaged in interdisciplinary pharmaceutical research, covering pharmaceutical chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical organic chemistry, enzymology, immunology, drug metabolism, toxicology, pathology, cell biology and molecular biology etc; the relevant papers have been published in the most authoritative journals in this field, such asArchives of Toxicology、Drug Metabolism and Disposition、Journal of Hepatology、Proteomics、Chemical Research in Toxicology、Analytical Chemistry、Journal of Medicinal Chemistry、Journal of Organic Chemistry.

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