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Reports of SPU Special Scholar held
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At the invitation of the SPU Special Scholar Project and the SPU Wuya Forum, Chen Jisheng, Vice Chairman of China Pharmacist Association, Professor Emeritus at the University of Nottingham, Ex-General President of China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited, and Professor Su Ling, member of Medical Policy Specialty Committee of China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association, Risk Partner of Lilly Asia Ventures, member of Drug Information Association, Ex-Chairman of Global Council, Director of SPU Scientific Research Institute of Drug Administration, presented the academic reports of SPU Special Scholar & the 97th and 98th reports of “SPU Wuya Forum”. Before the reports, Pan Yan, the Party Committee Secretary of the School of Business Administration, awarded the certificate of appointment of “SPU Special Scholar” to Vice-Chairman Chen Jisheng.

On June 12, Chen Jisheng vice Chairman, and Professor Su Ling offered excellent reports entitled “Present Situation and the Prediction on the Development of Medicine Circulation Industry in Our Country "and “Strategy and Implementation of Clinical Research and Development for Innovative Medicine” respectively in the No. 1 Lecture Hall on the fifth floor of the library on the main campus. Nearly 150 people listened to the reports including leaders from the School of Business Administration, faculty members and postgraduates and undergraduates from relevant majors. Vice Chairman Chen Jisheng analyzed the history, development and future trend of medicine distribution industry combining his own experience of working in this field for forty-one years. She elucidated the three critical periods in the sixty-six years’ development of medicine distribution industry, i.e. the period of planned economy, the period of early stage of reform and opening up and the period of deepening reform; taking China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited as an example, she explained the important position of medicine distribution for the development of pharmaceutical enterprises as well as the chances and challenges we are faced with under the new circumstances of internet plus and medical reform.

With his twenty-five years of experience in drug development, management, consultation as well as his own academic experiences, Professor Su Ling delivered an excellent report on the development modes and the clinical development strategy of innovative medicines, the implementation and management of clinical trial, and the scientific examination and management of multi-regional clinical trials(MRCT)in our country under the context of globalization of new drug development and reform of drug examination and approval system. Citing the experience of the United State, the European Union and Japan in MRCT supervision, Professor Su interpreted how, under the circumstances of globalization of new drug development and China’s present regulations and supervision, to refer to the scientific principles of MRCT planning and designing, scientifically use and bridge the data from clinical trials abroad, effectively combine clinical trials home and abroad, as well as some problems during the implementation and management of clinical trials.

Both reports were profound yet simple in languages and provided the teachers and students with a wonderful and practical lesson. Secretary Pan Yan expressed gratitude to the two scholars for their excellent reports as well as their concern about and support for the School of Business Administration. Meanwhile, she hoped that the teachers and students present would take the meeting as an opportunity, gain insight into the theories in the fields related to drug supervision and administration and their application from the face-to-face communication with the twospecialists and promote the rapid development of the discipline of pharmaceutical administration as well as that of the School of Business Administration.

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