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“Youth Celebration to 19th CPC National Congress, Elegant Art onto Campus” event concluded successfully in SPU——Liaoning Electric Symphony Orchestra went to SPU
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On November 6thand 7th, the “Youth Celebration to 19thCPC National Congress, Elegant Art onto Campus” event was held in Multi-purpose Hall of Student Activity Center. Performers from Liaoning Electro-Acoustic Orchestra, including Wang Li, Piao Zaihao, national level performers and chief trumpet players, Nan Huashi, trombone player, Yu shuiyuan, saxophone player, and performers from Liaoning Symphony Orchestra, including Yuan Xinkui, French horn performer and Yuan Ye, Tuba performer, presented wonderful performances. They presented an extraordinary audio-visual feast for the faculty and students of SPU.

The "Volunteers," adapted from the works of Jeremy Yacar Clarke, kicked off the performance. This chapter was full of magnificent and melancholy, it interpreted the different timbre and technique of various brass instruments well. The other Western classics performed were "Cannon" by Bahabear, "Rondo" by Jean-Joseph Murray, "Solemnity" by Beethoven, "Trumpet Concerto in E Major" by Haydn, “Four Little Swan", “Sikroy”, "Amazing Grace" and so on. The audience fully feasted the charm of Western music.

Besides, performers combined classic Chinese songs with Western music. The adapted "Facebook", "Half Moon Up" and "Allah Khan" performed by Western brass brought refreshing feelings to the audience. As the show approached the end, the saxophonist Yu Shuiyuan and five brass performers performed jazz-style music "Ask Me" and "Love"; and the performance won thunderous applause from the audience, reaching climax, .

The “Elegant Art onto Campus” activity, sponsored by the School League Committee, has been well received from teachers and students. Different forms and varied content of elegant art performances not only offer a platform for teachers and students to understand art, touch art, feel art and learn art, but also enhance the artistic appreciation and humanistic accomplishments of teachers and students in our university. This activity improves the art education in our school, and has a positive and important role in enhancing the comprehensive quality and integrated development of students.

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