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Fulfilling Dream and Striving for Bright New Future -- grand opening ceremony held for 2017 freshmen
Time:Sep 2, 2017  Hits:  Article From:General Administration Office

In this joyful and fruitful season, our Shenyang Pharmaceutical University opens its door to 2845 new students full of vigor and energy. The grand opening ceremony for 2017 freshmen was held at the South Campus on September 1st. Secretary of the Party Committee Wu Chunfu, Principal Bi Kaishun, Vice President Li Weifang, Gong Ping, Feng Yuhong attended the opening ceremony, meanwhile the heads of the related departments, the representatives of teachers and students were also presented and seated.

The ceremony began in the solemn national anthem. Prof. Hou Xiaohong delivered a speech on behalf of the teacher. As a teacher, she shared her experience of growth and her own perception of life with the students, and hoped that the new students complete the role change as soon as possible so as to adapt to the new life in college. As a new generation of SPU and the future pillars of the pharmaceutical industry of our country, the freshmen should seize the golden learning opportunities in SPU and lay a solid foundation for the fulfillment of their career dreams and personal values.

Zhang Sai, Chairman of the Graduate Association, and freshman Tao Zhuo majoring in Biomedical Engineering spoke on behalf of the fellow students and the freshmen respectively in the opening ceremony.

All the leaders and teachers on the platform awarded scholarships for the winners of the 2017 undergraduate outstanding freshmen and the new academic scholarship recipients of 2017 graduate students respectively.

Vice president Gong Ping spoke on behalf of the school leaders. He firstly expressed warm welcome and hearty congratulations to the new students from all parts of the country. Then he introduced the history and development of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. Finally, he put forward three wishes for the new students who are going to start a new life in college: First, they should learn to behave. He hopes that they can be ethical and upright, honest and trustworthy, and never give up the bottom line of being a man. He hopes that they harbor dreams, have the courage to shoulder responsibilities, and carry on the duty of revitalizing the pharmaceutical cause of the motherland and relieving human sufferings, and become heroes on the road to fight against human diseases. Second, they should learn to do. A journey of a thousand miles may not be achieved through accumulation of each single step, just as the enormous ocean may not be formed without gathering every brook or stream. The college life is a rehearsal before entering the real society, the colorful student activities are the stage on which students can learn to do things, and adapt themselves to the society and show themselves. He hopes that the students can be hardworking and serious in these practical activities. The third is to learn to learn. Achievements are reached by hard work rather than recreation. Actions are done after thorough consideration rather than casual decision. He hopes that they can refine and improve themselves on the journey toward self-discovery and self-exploration, and finally they can possess the ability to adapt to changes in times, and develop lifelong learning and thinking habits when they finish their studies and step into the society in the future.

Finally, the ceremony ended in a chorus of “the Northland Pharmacy is Always Spring”.


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