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SPU Youth League Committee held Sound Poetry “Young Power in the Name of Youth” in Commemoration of 95 Anniversary of Youth League Building
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At 6 o’clock on July 22nd, the Sound Poetry “Young Power in the Name of Youth” in Commemoration of 95 Anniversary of Youth League Building sponsored by SPU League and hosted by university broadcasting station stroke a wonderful pose in multi-functional Hall of Students’ Activity Center. Wu Enhua, secretary ofYouth League Committee of SPU attended the performance.

The Sound Poetry was recitation-based, blending various forms such as music, performance and multimedia etc., centering on the theme of “Young Power”, showing the responsibilities and obligations of the Chinese youths at different times. The performance was divided into three sections: Energetic Youth Spirit; Beneficial Youth Righteousness; Youth Affection for Home and Country. “When We Were Young” from a group spirited young people showed the peace and beauty of college life; poem recitation with music “Believe in Future” told that the young people in trouble still remembered their eagerness for future; “Iron-like Inflexibility, Warm-blooded Youth” expressed that contemporary young people owed to defend country and dedicate their youth to country; impassionate and thought-provoking four people recitation “Young China” demonstrated the great love of Chinese youth; sound poetry “Watch Peace” showed a battle of books, in which young people defended books and national culture with their bodies and lives. “Kelsang Metok Forever” told a moving story of four female soldiers sent to aid Tibet, which drew tears from all; “To My Wife” interpreted vividly Lin Juemin’s love for his wife and reluctance to part with her at the end of Qing Dynasty; finally, “Sing” whispered SPU students’ fond love and blessing to their alma mater.

There are continuous applauses and one climax after another during the performance. Actors’ excellent performance presented a visual feast for the audience. Everyone present was affected and really felt the power of contemporary youth.




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