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Faculty of Business Administration
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Established in 1981, School of Business Administration began to enroll full-time students in 1987. It developed into the present Faculty of Business Administration in 1995 as the first secondary faculty in SPU. Faculty of Business Administration began to recruit graduates in 1994 and Ph.D. in 2000. Up to now, an integrated educational system, covering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education, has formed.

The faculty is composed of 44 members, 35 being teachers, among whom there are 6 professors, 16 guest professors, 14 associate professors, personnel of high titles and that with Ph. D. Degree accounting for 57.1% and 72.2% of the total number of teachers respectively. Teachers enjoy high societal influence due to their pluralistic devotion in following institutions and periodicals --- ISPOR, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, Academic Committee of China Academy of Management Sciences、China Association for Drug Supervision and Management, China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, China Association of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs, National Development and Reform Commision Drug Price Review Committee of Experts, Industrial Development Expert Committee of the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, China Chamber ofCommerce of the Import and Export of Chinese Medicines and Health Products, State Food and Drug Administration Advanced Training Institute, China Certification Center for Licensed Pharmacists, Liaoning Pharmaceutical Association, Law Society of Liaoning Province, LiaoningInstitute of Foreign Trade, Liaoning Marketing Society, Liaoning Management Science Research Association, Liaoning Provincial Association for Economic Restructuring, Liaoning Food and Drug Administration,Central SouthPharmacy,Internatioanl Journal of Public Health,Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal,Chinese Journal of New Drgus, andChinese Pharmacy.

Faculty of Business Administration began to enroll full-time undergraduates in 1987, being the first to train administrative talents in pharmaceutical universities in China. After 30 years’ development, the faculty possesses four majors , namely business administration, marketing, international economy and trade, and pharmaceutical administration, with over 1,000 undergraduates. And in 1994, Faculty of Business Administration began to enroll graduates and gained permission to enroll masters of business administration. Further, the faculty successfully upgraded business administration to first class discipline. And since then, over 500 masters have graduated from here, and the number of graduates on campus has reached 110. currently,with the training scale expands swiftly, advanced pharmaceutical talents programs were established in Peking, Guangdong, Hubei, Sichuan, etc.. Since the year of 2000, the faculty started to enroll Ph. D., being the first to enroll Ph. D. Majoring in pharmaceutical administration, and in 2004, the first Ph. D. graduated from here. Up to now, the number of Ph. D. Graduates reaches over 80, accounting for 85% of graduates of the same major, and about 40 Ph. D. Candidates pursue their studies here.

The specialty construction and discipline construction have significantly improved: business administration undergraduate major was rated as provincial demonstration major in 2009, marketing undergraduate major as provincial characteristic specialty in 2010,pharmacoeconomics as top-quality course in Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, pharmaceutical administration and regulation as well as medical e-commerce as provincial top-quality course. Pharmaceutical administration developed into a discipline that can autonomously award master’s degree and doctor’s degree. Besides, business administration has upgraded to first class discipline,qualified to enroll masters majoring in business management, accounting, and technological economics. With the 1 million yuan for characteristic subject laboratoy construction granted by the central government, the faculty has established the first pharmaceutical administration integrated simulation laboratory, and started simulation experiment teaching model, and hence awarded 2 million yuan supporting capital for provincial key discipline construction of pharmaceutical administration.

Faculty of Business Administration further expands exchanges and advance teachers’ scientific research ability. We have established cooperative relationship with US Alliant University in joint training undergraduates, and developed cooperative relationship in the fieldsof education and science and technology with renowned corporations such as American Amgen Corporation, Bayer AG, Servier, Novo Nordisk. In the past decade, the teaching faculty has fruitfully completed over 130 scientific research projects granted by WHO, State Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Technology, Liaoning Provincial Department of Public Education and Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Department; published over 1400 academic papers, 8 papers taken by SCI; publicly published more than 170 monograph and textbooks; received more than 70 research awards of different levels; established Asian Social Pharmaceutical Research Center, SPU Pharmacovigilanceand Risk Management Research Center, SPU Medical Data Research Center, and SPU Institute of Drug Control Science. Above all, we created the journalSocial Pharmacy in Asiain2005.

We will persistently adhere to the operating principle of our university, further advance connotation construction, implement resolutely “the 13thFive-year” reform and development scheme, take discipline construction as key threa, teaching reform as core, all-round education as root, pharmacy as base, setting foot on the new journey to develop a world famous and domestically first class faculty with unique characteristics, top quality.

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