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Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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School of Chinese Materia Medica was established in 1985, as the Department of Chinese Materia Medica of Shenyang Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The school consists of Department of Natural Medicinal Chemistry and Department of Chinese Materia Medica. The school also has Student Experimental Center, Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Medicinal Botanical Garden.

School of Chinese Materia Medica possesses a variety of research centers and laboratories, including

1.Two tertiary laboratories of Chemistry of Chinese Materia Medica and Quality Control of Chinese Materia Medica, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of The People’s Republic of China.

2.Key Laboratories of Innovative Drug Research and Design, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and Liaoning Province.

3.Liaoning Engineering Research Center for Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

4.Key Laboratory of Chinese Medicinal Resources Research and Development.

5.Liaoning Technology Center for Extraction and Separation of Natural Medicine and Industrial Preparation

6.Joint Analytical Laboratory for Chinese Patent Medicine, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University.

7.Sino-Korea Molecular Pharmacogonosy Research Center, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and Dong-A University.

School of Chinese Materia Medica is entitled to two primary-discipline Ph.D programs, Pharmacy and Science of Chinese Materia Medica, as well as twelve secondary-discipline Ph.D programs and post-doctoral programs in Pharmacy. Natural Medicinal Chemistry,Pharmacognosy andScience of Chinese Materia Medica fall into the range of provincial key disciplines. Natural Medicinal Chemistry is selected by Liaoning Province as candidate for a national key discipline among 26 disciplines. Science of Chinese Materia Medica ranks as a key discipline among 50 disciplines in Liaoning Province. Science of Chinese Medicinal Resource is an competitive and special discipline in Liaoning Province. Natural Medicinal Chemistry won the title of national top-quality course.Pharmacognosy, Analysis of Organic Compound Spectra and Pharmaceutical Botany were evaluated as the provincial top-quality course. Chinese Drugs Pharmaceutics was rated as a school-level top-quality course.Science of Chinese Materia Medica is a national specialty. The team of Natural Medicinal Chemistry is a province-level excellent teaching team. Experimental Center for Chemistry of Chinese Materia Medica is a province-level teaching demonstration center.

There are 75 staff and faculty members in total and 47 of them are full-time. Among the faculty, there are one Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 14 professors and 21 associate professors. 97.9% of the faculty hold doctor degrees. There are 11 faculty members supported by Liaoning Thousands Talents Projects. All the faculty are excellent in their own research fields, experienced in teaching and have a solid research foundation. They have strong technological innovative capability, spearheading the research in Chinese Materia Medica and active pharmaceutical ingredients in natural medicine. In the past three years, School of Chinese Materia Medica have taken seven research projects from National Basic Research Program of China, 53 national patents, 157 vertical projects ranging from national to provincial and municipal level. There are 19 projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China. Moreover, over 430 SCI articles have been published.

School of Chinese Materia Medica takes effective measures to promote the sustainable development of disciplines by taking active international cooperation, inviting leading experts from home and abroad to give lectures, and sending young faculty members to study further abroad. The school makes a positive contribution to the development of Science of Chinese Materia Medica by hostingThe 6thJSP-CCTCNM-KSP International Conference on Pharmacognosy, The 11thSymposium onChinese Materia MedicaandNatural Medicine, The 12thNational Conference on Chinese Herb Medicine Museum, andThe 9thChina Authentication of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Currently,School of Chinese Materia Medica has established cooperative relationship with universities and research institutions in the United States, Japan, Korea and so forth. The school selects top undergraduates and graduate students to participate in overseas exchange programs every year.

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