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Faculty of Continuing Education
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The Continuing Education College of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University (formerly known as the Adult Education College of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University) was established in 1958, which is the secondary teaching unit of the university and 16 staff members are in the college.

The college is mainly responsibility for adult higher education, self-study examination, open education, practicing pharmacists to continue education and various kinds of training. The adult higher education can offer the majors such as pharmacy, traditional Chinese pharmacology and so on. The college recruits students nationally, which has set more than 20 correspondence teaching points in the whole country. The number of college students has reached more than 5000 currently. As the primary school for self-study examination in Liaoning Province, the college has been carrying on the self-study work of pharmacy and traditional Chinese pharmacology. The college is one of the teaching points of Liaoning Radio and TV University, which has cultivated a large number of specialists in pharmaceutical sciences for the society. The college also undertook the continuing education and various training work of pharmacists, providing a platform for the ability of medical professionals.

In the past 60 years, with the leadership of successive dean, all departments have made great improvement in their efforts and cooperation. Keeping alive the fine tradition, enhancing connotation, improving teaching quality, doing scholarly research, being highly disciplined, we will cultivate high-quality builders and skilled successors with the characteristics of adult education to meet the urgent need of the society.

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