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Wuya Faculty of Innovation
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Wuya College of Innovation, the youngest School of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, was established in November 2016, in responding to the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s national innovative strategy and the proposal of “unswervingly following independent innovation path with the Chinese characteristics, adhering to independent innovation, focusing on key areas, supporting development, leading the future, and speeding up the pace of building an innovative country”. Wuya College of Innovation aims at giving full play to the performance of high-level talents’ innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to deepen the reform of school running mode, overcome the constraints of institutional mechanisms, and create a flexible policy environment. Located in Shenyang, the main campus of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Wuya College of Innovation adopts an independent institutional system.

The philosophy on which Wuya operate is to take human health as the starting point, solving the major problems of medical science and technology, cultivating the future pharmaceutical leaders as the goal, promoting the independent innovation of pharmaceutical industry as duty. In order to promote the rapid development of the national pharmaceutical industry, Wuya converges pharmaceutical elites to carry out forward-looking and strategic research to meet the major needs of our nation and industry, and create symbolic results, leading the school’s scientific and technological innovation.

Wuya College of Innovation implements PI system, and the teaching faculty is composed of outstanding overseas talents, Distinguished Professors of “Yangtze River Scholars”, “University Climbing Scholars of Liaoning Province” and so on, forming a multidisciplinary teaching and scientific research team covering pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, Chinese pharmacy and biopharmaceutics ect. PI and the youth PI are all doctoral supervisors with super strong scientific research and teaching capacity, having in-depth cooperation and exchanges with prestigeous universities and research institutions at home and abroad.

Wuya College of Innovation is featured by recruiting national pharmaceutical science base class, running on a 4 to 8 years of “Bachelor – Master – Doctoral” separate educational system. The college carries out a special talent training program which is scientific, diverse, personalized and open, so as to create first-class academic environment and learning atmosphere, establish a complete system of academic research and training program, and to stimulate students’ academic interests and ideals by emphasizing autonomous learning and individual development. Wuya aims to cultivate a number of top-notch innovative talents with profound pharmaceutical knowledge and strong innovation ability to meet the needs of economic and social development, and strive to become leaders in related fields and rank top among the world-class academic circles.

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