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Faculty of Yi Hong Business
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Faculty ofYi Hong Business,asecondary school of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, was established in March 2014. Itimplementsdean responsibility system, a new management system under management system of the council.Yi Hongadopts course-orientedappointment systemof all the teachers ,and possesses a competitive teaching and research team byintegrating educational resources withresearching resources, andinviting leading scholars at home and abroad andrenownedexpertsinrelatedfields.Faculty ofYi Hong Business carries out elitedegree education,training courses for seniormanagers, customized education, network education and other educational programs.

Faculty of Yi Hong Business aims at exploring the new model in the field of medicine management education andapliededucationtocultivate senior management and application talents rooting in China with global vision and international standards. Yi Hong intends tobecome an educationalnstitution with social responsibility and innovative spiritbycarryingout research on medical industry policy, promotingexchanges and cooperations in the field of pharmacy management at home and abroad.


Vision:To bethe most influential medical business school;to beanew starting point of medical talents

Mission:To cultivate responsible medical talents with professional standards and systematicthinking, rooting in China and facing the world

Purpose:PuttingServiceFirstSeeking PerfectionPursuing Excellence

School Characteristics:with development of the industry as guidance, with global horizon and international level as goals, with cultivation of adaptable talents as focus, with refining of courses as basis and innovation of administration as guarantee

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