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Faculty of Social Sciences, Foreign Languages and PE
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The Department of Basics of Shenyang Pharmaceutical College --- the predecessor of the Faculty of Basics of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University --- was founded in August, 1958. The faculty was officially founded in April, 2001, with the former departments of analytical chemistry and physical chemistry classified into Faculty of Pharmacy, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry into Faculty of Pharmaceutical Engineering. The Faculty of Basics then included Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Mathematics and Physics, Department of PE and Department of Social Sciences. In 2008, SPU integrated three distinctive disciplines, namely, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Social Sciences and Department of PE, which then developed into the Faculty of Social Sciences, Foreign Languages and PE among the seven faculties of SPU.

The faculty possesses outstanding personnel with solid training of basic education, rigorous scholarship, dedication, passion and devotion. The current faculty consists of a teaching and administrative staff of 105 people and 98 full-time teachers, including 12 professors, 1 doctorial supervisor and 29 associate professors. Among them, there are Excellent Expert in Liaoning Province involving in the New Century Talents Project, young and middle-aged academic leaders, Excellent Talents Support Plan of Higher Education of Liaoning, and talents on each level of the Talents Program of Liaoning Province.

The whole faculty takes it as duty to cultivate well-developed students in morality, intelligence and physique, while embracing love ad obligation into teaching, which is the essence of teacher’s professional ethics in the new era. Teachers in the Department of Social Sciences focus on motivating students from the inside with the power of personality and morality, which helps build their enthusiasm in pharmacy; teachers in the Department of Foreign Languages are apt at bringing out students’ interest with passion and technique, cultivating the skillful use of languages; teachers in the Department of PE thrives to enhance students’ mental state with positive and healthy physique while caring for their own mental and physical well-being.

The faculty also possesses strength in its disciplinary and research development. With years of efforts, they have been participating in the National Planning Foundation of Philosophy and Social Science, over 30 research projects on the ministerial and provincial level, contributing over 20 theses in the last 5 years.

Sticking to the motto of Unity, Industry, Truth and Innovation, the faculty would never cease the pursuit of consolidation and innovation, striving to build a humane faculty with honest teaching ethics, profound and broad learning, prosperous scholarship and love in it.

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