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Faculty of Pharmacy
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The Faculty of Pharmacy is the oldest secondary teaching management institution in the development history of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. It began to recruit trainees in October 1932, which transferred into pharmacy class in 1940. In 1948, pharmaceutical specialty was established and it was changed into pharmaceutical department in 1949. In 1958, it was officially named Department of Pharmacy. In April 2001, the Faculty of Pharmacy was formally established on the basis of the original Department of Pharmacy combined with Physical Chemistry Teaching and Research Section, Analytical Chemistry Teaching and Research Section, Laboratory Instrument Test Center, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Laboratory.

The Faculty of Pharmacy consists of two departments: the Pharmaceutical Department and the Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis. The former includes three teaching and research sections (or centers) --- the Pharmaceutical Teaching and Research Section, Physical Chemistry Teaching and Research Section and Pharmaceutical Teaching Experiment Center. The latter includes five teaching and research sections (or centers) --- Drug Analysis Teaching and Research Section, Analytical Chemistry Teaching and Research Section, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Laboratory, Analytical Chemistry Teaching Experiment Center and Instrument Test Center.

After decades of hard work and development by Gu Xueqiu and other pharmaceutical experts, we now have become a solid, powerful and influential School of Pharmacy in the world. The faculty takes the leadership in China in the theoretical and practical field such as of pharmaceutical preparation, drug quality control, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic research and so on. Courses at all levels have academic leader and backbone teachers. There are many pharmaceutical experts, professors and scholars, who have rich teaching experience and great scientific research capacity.

The Faculty of Pharmacy hosts a state-level key subject --- the pharmaceutical discipline (with Changjiang Scholar distinguished professor), and a provincial key subject --- pharmaceutical analysis. The national quality courses are pharmacy, pharmaceutical analysis and analytical chemistry. Pharmaceutical specialty is a state-level and Liaoning demonstration major. The pharmacy teaching experiment center is Liaoning higher education teaching demonstration center. The teaching faculty of 123 persons (23 professors, 39 associate professors, 2 professor-level senior engineers, 6 senior engineers, 34 lecturers and 6 engineers), 22 being doctoral supervisors and 36 master tutors. More than 30 persons served respectively as discipline review group members of State Council Academic Degree Committee, judges of Technology Progress Award by National Natural Science, committee members of pharmacy by Ministry of Medical Science, National Pharmacopoeia Committee members, leaders of academic community at home and abroad, and editors of international and national journals. They enjoy a high reputation in China.

Besides well completing teaching tasks at all levels, the school has undertaken 6 research projects by National New Drug Research Fund and more than 100 research tasks assigned by the related department of the state, province and city, and achieved a series of scientific results, among which many projects reached the international advanced level and filled the domestic gap.Comprehensive education conditions and excellent basic facilities can fully meet the needs of teaching and research. The Faculty of Pharmacy has all kinds of precision instruments for basic practical research and new drug development such as LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, 600MHz superconducting NMR, GC-MS, infrared spectrophotometer, Polarimeter, elemental analyzer and so on.

In the long-term educational practice, the Faculty of pharmacy has achieved fruitful results by way of a rigorous learning style and persistent scientific innovation spirit. It has now developed into a secondary multidisciplinary, multilevel and characteristic faculty. It hosts 1 mobile pharmaceutical postdoctoral station, 1 doctorate degree authorization center of first pharmacy discipline (2 doctoral and master's, including pharmacy and pharmaceutical analysis), 1 master’s degree authorization center of first chemistry discipline (2 secondary discipline master's degree authorization center, including physical chemistry and chemical analysis), 2 undergraduate majors (including international pharmaceutical science base class, English pharmacy classes, Japanese pharmacy classes, pharmacy classes and pharmaceutical preparation classes. Among them, the science base class was approved in 1996 to be the only national basic science training experimental class by the State Education Commission among the provincial universities, and was formally approved in 2006 by the Ministry of Education. The five-year English pharmacy classes and Japanese pharmacy classes also have great influence at home and abroad. There are 3493 full-time students in the faculty, accounting for 48% of the total number of students, including 2722 undergraduates, 646 postgraduates and 125 doctoral candidates.

In the process of cultivating students, the faculty consistently adheres to the principle of moral education being the core, learning style being the main line and promoting quality education. It has produced a large number of learned pharmacy talents with comprehensive abilities. In recent years, 1/3 undergraduates enrolled in graduate study. The graduates were welcomed by employers due to their good work ethics, solid professional knowledge and strong comprehensive abilities. Many were so outstanding that they became renowned experts, scholars and backbones of enterprises. Furthermore, 2 persons were elected academicians.

Today, all students and teachers areshouldering the new historical mission, with strong determination to seize opportunities, keep pace with the world, striving towards its goal of a world-famous, high-level, first-class pharmacy faculty.

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