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Vice governor Gang Rui Attends “Liaoning 2017 Job Fair for College Graduates Majored in Medical and Food Industry”on South Campus of SPU, Investigates Work of SPU and Provides Guidance
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On June 3rd, Vice Governor Gang Rui arrived at the south campus of SPU to attend the “Liaoning 2017 Job Fair for College Graduates Majored in Medical and Food Industry” hosted by our university. Gang visited the 10-year achievements made bythe Scientific Expedition Team of Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources in SPU, thepublic instrument platform of national key discipline pharmacy, as well as the new campus. Gang also chaired the research forum entitled “How to promote the development and construction of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University”, attended by representatives from Liaoning Provincial Human Resources and Social Security, Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Commission,Office of Science and Technology, Health and Family Planning Commission,Food and Drug administration, Department of Education, Benxi municipal government and SPU’s leadership group.

At the forum, Wu Chunfu, SPU Secretary of CPC Committee, expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of SPU to the decision to hold the “Liaoning 2017 Job Fair for College Graduates Majored in Medical and Food Industry” in our university, and appreciated the efforts made by Vice Governor Gang and some provincial commissioners in coordinating and promoting the further development and construction of SPU. Wu reported on the history, development, construction of SPU, especially the new campus construction, discipline construction, talent training, scientific research, teaching staff development in the past five years, and put forward some problems that have caused concern from teachers and students, such as the land transfer of the old campus after the relocation of the university, bank loan and the number of enrollment. The provincial commissioners and leaders from Benxi City at the forum joined the discussion and put forward some suggestions on the future development of SPU and provided relevant supporting plans.

Finally Vice Governor Gang Rui delivered an important speech. He remarked that the construction and development of the new campus were exciting and inspiring. As a quality institute of higher education in Liaoning Province, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University is a first-class university in China and enjoys a good reputation at the International level. The graduates of the university constitute strong talent support for the development of pharmaceutical industry in Liaoning Province, and for the long-term development of Northeast revitalization. From the perspective of economic and social development, SPU supports the higher education in Liaoning province and economic development in Benxi City, and plays a strategic role in the emerging bio pharmaceutical industry development in Liaoning province. He requested that the university study thoroughly the relevant measures put forward by the commissioners at the forum and implement them smoothly. He pointed out that the new round of Liaoning revitalization would provide a great platform and more space for Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, which would play a more important role in the future. The university should stick to the political and educational directions, integrate the teaching and scientific research closely with the construction of teachers, cadres, and grass-roots party organizations, so as to better serve the development of medical economy in Liaoning. SPU should strengthen the implementation of the "Three Promotes" , determine the professional orientation, adjust the enrollment structure, promote the transfer of research and development achievements in Liaoning province, and enhance the connection with the economic development of Liaoning. The university should not only adapt to the needs of society, but also lead the social demands, not only serve the economic and social development, but also promote the industrialization of Liaoning to a more advanced and high-end level . Vice Governor Gang hoped SPU would develop better and better in the future, and make greater contribution to the economic and social development of Liaoning province.

Wu Chunfu expressed thanks once again on behalf of the university to the provincial party commission and government and Vice Governor Gang for their care and recognition of the development of the university and for their support in the school work. Wu pledged that the school would strive for the excellent pharmacy education under the leadership of the provincial government and with the support of provincial commissions, so as to make due contribution to the economic and social development of Liaoning province and the revitalization of Northeast China.

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