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Representatives from college of International Cooperation at Queen’s University Belfast visit SPU
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On May 10th, Professor Colin McCoy, the dean of College of International Cooperation at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), came to visit our university in the purpose of cooperation.

Cheng Maosheng, vice President of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, met with Dean McCoy, and Cai Hongyu, director of Division of International Exchanges, Ma Jinwu, secretary of CPC committee of Faculty of Functional Food and Wine, and vice dean, Xu Wei, held talks with Dean McCoy on cooperation. The two sides have thoroughly discussed and agreed on the details of the joint training program for the major of functional food, expecting substantive cooperation would be implemented as soon as possible. McCoy also visited the wine tasting room and wine culture square of Faculty of Functional Food and Wine, and gave a high evaluation on the characteristics of the major in Wine Engineering.

Invited by Dean McCoy, Cheng Maosheng and Cai Hongyu attended the reception of the mayor of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Alderman Brian Kingston, the mayor, had a discussion with Cheng Maosheng, the vice president of SPU, over Sino-British joint training of internationalized talents and expressed his appreciation and support on the joint training program for the major in functional food between SPU and QUB.

QUB is located in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. As one of the oldest universities in UK and Ireland, it is listed among the top ten research universities in Britain and one member of prestigious Russell Group universities of British Ivy League. In the 2016 Times ranking, its Pharmaceutical specialty ranks first in the UK, and its Food Health Science major has been providing technical support to the British government. Since the establishment of friendly city relationship between Shenyang and Belfast in May 2016, the two governments have provided support and assistance to actively carry out cooperation projects in education, culture and other fields.

This is Dean McCoy’s second visit to SPU since the signing of memorandums and agreement on exchange and cooperation between the two universities. His visit has further enhanced mutual understanding between our university and the well-known international universities in the field of functional food research, deepened our cognition of the foreign pharmaceutical education system, and improved SPU’s international reputation as well as laid a solid foundation for further international cooperation.

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