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SPU Visiting Professors Yasuhiro Kawanishi and Toshihiro Ito Make Academic Exchange at Faculty of Medical Devices
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On May 22nd, Yasuhiro Kawanishi and Toshihiro Ito, SPU visiting professors made an academic exchange with Faculty of Medical Devices for academic exchange. They discussed about the trends of medical devices industry, international cooperation and exchange, the research orientation of the school, talents training and other aspects. Zhang Jinghai, dean of Faculty of Medical Devices, and others attended the meeting. Xiang Rongwu, the deputy dean hosted the meeting.

First of all, Dean Zhang Jinghai warmly welcomed Professor Yasuhiro Kawanishi and Visiting Professor Toshihiro Ito's visit to SPU and appreciated them for their attention and support. Xiang Rongwu carried out a detailed introduction on the status quo of the school, specialty features, the key scientific research orientation and future planning. After the report, the two professors said that the development orientation of the school is clarified and accurate. They also gave a detailed explanation about the status quo of international development, Japanese scientific research institutions, and the latest developments of enterprises in the biomedical materials, biological diagnostic agents. Meanwhile, they presented the relevant information about the field development to the school.

The two professors and teachers participated in face-to-face communication, exchanged the views of teaching, research, talents training and other aspects in-depth. They also answered the teachers’ questions one by one and kept a record of related professional issues to be solved. At the same time, the two professors put forward constructive proposals on cooperation between the Faculty of Medical Devices and the Medical Department of University of Yamanashi and advancement of teacher and students. The academic exchange enhanced mutual understanding of the Faculty of Medical Devicesand the international well-known experts in the field of medical devices, reinforced the knowledge of school’s teachers on the development of foreign medical devices and the education system as well as laid a solid foundation for further international cooperation.

Professor Yasuhiro Kawanishi,the former professor of chemistry at the Department of Health of Kitasato University in Japan, has achieved great accomplishments in protein chemistry, immunochemistry, environmental science, microanalysis and radiology. He has trained more than 30 graduate students, published more than 200 academic papers, obtained three patents and compiled more than 10 dictionaries and books. Currently, he is the full-time advisor of Environment Science Center of Kitasato University, the senior advisor of Muromachi Technos Co., Ltd., the director of Muromachi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. the chairman of Test Center of Kanagawa-ken Pharmaceutical Society, the honorary professor of Kitasato University, the visiting professor of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and so on. Holding profound feelings towards Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Prof. Yasuhiro Kawanishi plays an essential role in the exchange and cooperation between Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and Japanese well-known universities. Prof. Toshihiro Ito,the director of Japanese Kitasato Environmental Science Center, mainly engages in the research of astrobiology and extremophiles. He is the incumbent vice chairman of the Japanese Society for Extremophiles, the incumbent director of Yamanashi Science Gakuin and the visiting professor of Shenyang Pharmaceutical.

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