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Award Ceremony of National Scholarship Held for Graduates of 2016
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On May 25th, the award ceremony of National Scholarship was held for graduates of 2016 in Meeting Room 117 of the administrative building. Cheng Mousheng, vice president, and Song Shao jiang, director of Faculty of Graduate Studies and dean of Wu Ya College of Innovation, attended this award ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Zhang Wanmin, deputy director of Party and Government Affairs Divison and deputy director of Faculty of Graduate Studies.

At the ceremony, Cheng Mousheng issued certificates of honor for graduates of class of 2016 one by one. Wang Yinan, one of the doctoral candidates gave speeches on behalf of all graduates. He showed his gratitude for the party and the government to value highly excellent students, for the loving care from school leaders and for the careful cultivation of teachers. He also looked back upon the sweets and bitters of life of doing the research and shared feelings and experiences with students.

In the end, Cheng Mousheng addressed an exuberant speech. In the speech, Chen congratulated to the commended graduates and appreciated the hardworking staff. Chen said “the party and the government pay high attention to the cause of higher education, for example, the intensity of financial aid have been especially strengthened since the year of 2012 and a system of aiding have been established including National Scholarship, National Assistance and Academic Scholarship, fully reflecting the party and the government’s eagerly expectation of graduates, the great emphasis on the cultivation of excellent talents as well as the unparalleled warmth of the Chinese nation as a big family and the incomparable superiority of socialist system. Under the guidance of the national policy, an excellent system of financial aid and assistance has been established in Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. A large group of outstanding graduates are recommended, awarded and financially aided, stimulating the broad mass of graduates’ enthusiasm of studying hard to be a useful person to serve the motherland and the whole society. Hope students to develop the spirit of tenacious struggle, hold a positive and tolerant attitude and shape a honest and cooperative character; meanwhile, hope students to learn and carry forward traditional Chinese virtues, cherish the loving care from the party and the government, keep the sense of gratitude in the heart and give in return.

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