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Environmental Science Major Holds Report Meeting “Academic Visit over Features of Japan's Advanced Technology of Environmental Protection”
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On May 21st, the environmental science teaching & research office of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Engineering held a report meeting for undergraduates in Room A208 of the First Teaching Building. This report is about the achievements of the academic visit over features of Japan's advanced technology of environmental protection. More than 100 people attended this meeting. They are Yasuhiro Kawanishi, the tenured honorary professor of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University、Toshihiro Ito, the visiting professor and. the director of Japan's Kitasato Environment Center、Visiting Prof. Yoshiaki Uehara, Prof. Masahiro Chonzai from Kitasato University and Dr. Lin together with teachers of environmental science and students from three grades majoring in environment science. The report was hosted by Prof. Hou Xiaohong, the director of environmental science construction.

At the meeting, Zhang Yixiao and other eight students made vivid reports from what they had seen and read during the period of the academic visit to the Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited, the Sagamihara campus and Shirokane Campus of Kitasato University and other universities and institutions. Students introduced in detail the Japan’s technology of environmental protection, environmental philosophy and complete management system in the form of videos and PPT. Everyone said that the academic visit broadened their professional vision and gave them deeper insight into Japan’s advancement of environmental protection, work area and importance of environmental science and social responsibility of environmentalists. Meanwhile, they said that the gap between two countries made them ascertain the work orientation and the goals in the future.

After students’ report, Director Toshihiro Ito and Prof. Yasuhiro Kawanishi made a brief speech respectively. Director Toshihiro Ito commended students for their wonderful report and put forward his sincere expectations. He hoped that environmentalists of China and Japan should work together to be “Earth Protectors”. Professor Yasuhiro Kawanishi spoke highly of the report and expressed his willingness to continue to create opportunities of academic visits and provide support and help for the development of environmental science.

Finally, Prof. Hou Xiaohong affirmed the visiting report and put forward higher demand. She hoped that such innovative activities can gain increasing popularity, advance solidly construction of environmental science and improve practical ability of talents in the industry of pharmaceuticals.

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