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Chen Yuzong, Expert and Professor at Singapore National University, Make Academic Report at SPU
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On May 23rd, Chen Yuzong,  the professor at Singapore National University, was invited to Shenyang Pharmaceutical University to make a report entitled “discussions on informatics of deep-seated problems in drug research and development”. The report was hosted by Professor Zhang Rong, deputy director ofScientific Research Division.

Professor Chen elaborated systematically the deep-seated problems in drug research and development from four aspects. First of all, he approached the ideas and the countermeasures of new drug research and development from two aspects including drug stacking, the gap between response rate and the survival rate of the anti-tumor drug. Subsequently, he explained in detail how to use the method of modern artificial intelligence to solve the problem of drug design. Finally, he pointed out that scientific research can also be sublimated to the level of art creation and the infinite charm of scientific research can be expressed through artistic means.

After the report, Professor Chen Yuzong also patiently answered the questions of teachers and students. In his report, he not only explained profound theories in simple terms but also was a humorous reporter. Teachers and students said they benefited a lot from Professor Chen Yuzong.

Before the report, Professor Bi Kaishun, the president of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University met with Professor Chen Yuzong and accompanied him on a visit to the south campus.

About the reporter: Professor Chen Yuji makes important contributions in the fields of drug research and development, natural product research, computer-aided drug design, chemical informatics and bioinformatics. Professor Chen, the incumbent editorial board member of Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Letters in Organic Chemistry, Current Proteomics and other academic journals, published more than 100 academic papers in Nature Biotechnology, Nature Review Drug Discovery, Pharmacological Review and other academic journals as the corresponding author.

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