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On 19thApril, 2017, Laszlo Szarvas, Chief Techonology Officer from BASF’s Asia-Pacific and his delegation paid a visit to SPU. Cheng Maosheng, vice president of SYPHU met with the delegation. Yang Jingyu, dean of Faculty of Life Sciences and Biopharmaceutis, and Chang Zunxue, Prof. in the field of microbiology and cell biology attended the meeting. Both parties held an in-depth discussion on establishing a joint laboratory, school-enterprise cooperation mechanisms and training of talents, signing an intentional cooperation agreement in the field of medicine.

The visit from the delegation of BASF helped further mutual understanding between SPU and world-famous enterprises, enhance her reputation and strengthen the cooperation between SPU and international enterprises.

BASF, short form ofBadische Anilin-und-Soda-Fabrik, is a German chemical enterprise, andone of the largest chemical enterprises across the world, with more than 160 wholly-owned subsidiaries in 41 countries in Europe, Asia and Americas. Headquarters of BASF is located in Ludwigshafen by Rhine, the chemical products base with the largest area worldwide.

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