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Completion of 77-79th Academic Reports of SPU Wuya Forum
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Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Faculty of Graduate Studies jointly organized the 77-79th Academic Reports of SPU Wuya Forum on April 14. Prof. Ma Xiaochi from School of Pharmacy, Dalian Medical University, prof. Gao Hao from Jinan University, and Hu Youcai, a researcher from Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences visited Shenyang Pharmaceutical University as guest speakers at the invitation of Li Hua, dean of Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Prof. Ma Xiaochi made a reportthe Metabolic Properties of Toad Venom Chemical Composition and Anti-tumor Activity Research. He lectured on toad venom chemical composition and rapid preparation method, the metabolic properties of bufanolide alkene, and the metabolic species differences and the significance of bufanolide alkene and the development of new metabolic enzyme probes of toad venom. The metabolic properties of toad venom were first revealed in this report, on the basis of which, the active ingredients with good metabolic properties were found, and the method of experimental animal selection based on the metabolic species difference was established, the specificity probes of multiple metabolic enzymes were found from toad venom. The key substance and its law of action were revealed, meanwhile the potential mechanism of active components in traditional Chinese medicine was clarified.

Prof. Gao Hao gave a lecturethe Heterogeneous Phenomenon of the Apparent Equivalence Diastereomers in Identification of Organic Compound Structure. He made a brief introduction to the discovery of traditional Chinese medicine structure, and emphasized the structural research methods as well as the structural research techniques. The concept of “apparent equivalence diastereomers” and the relevant judgment theorem were proposed. The method of structural identification based on data comparison was developed and perfected. Nuclear magnetic resonance is the most important means of structural identification. It is generally believed that having the same NMR data indicates the same compound or enantiomers in the process of structural identification based on the comparison of NMR data. Prof. Gao found two groups of naturally occurring diastereoisomers, showing the same NMR data. By exploring the causes, he put forward that the concept of “apparent equivalence diastereomers” was to describe the diastereoisomers with the same NMR data, and also presented the judgment theorem. He developed and improved the methodology for identification of organic compounds structures based on the comparison of NMR data.

Researcher Hu Youcai made a research reportGenes and Chemistry of Natural Product Studies. Different from the traditional natural product research model, he started from the genome and revealed the intrinsic link between genes and chemical structure. On the one hand, genes were used to explore compounds: screening and activating inactive gene family at the gene level by using molecular biological means, to produce new natural products and provide a new approach for the discovery of novel structures and active natural products. On the other hand, the chemical structure was used as the starting point: the biosynthesis mechanism of these natural compounds was revealed, and furthermore the biosynthesis pathway was regulated and reconstructed, so as to produce new natural products.

In the end, the three professors encouraged students to cultivate a rigorous logical thinking method, and to attach importance to research and study of Chinese medicine, and welcomed students to apply for their laboratories and communicate with each other. Finally, Prof. Li Hua expressed his appreciation to the three professors’ visits and lectures despite their busy schedules, and he also spoke highly of these academic reports. He hoped all the students present to increase their knowledge reserves and raise their theoretical level so as to become leaders in pharmaceutical research field in the future just as the professors standing on the podium, which was greeted with loud applause from time to time.

Introduction of the speakers:

Prof. Ma Xiaochi, graduated from pharmacy science base class of our SPU in 2005 and received doctoral degree in natural medicine chemistry. In the research field of Chinese medicine chemistry and metabolism, and integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, he published 70 SCI papers as the first or correspondent author, includingJ. Pineal Res., Catal. Sci. Technol.; Sci. Rep.; Oncotarget; Biochem. Pharmacol.; British J. Pharm.; Chem. Commun.; Pharm. Res., J. Lipid Res.; Mol. Cancer; Drug Metab. Dispos,and other authoritative periodicals in the field, among which more than 1000 references were cited, and two papers were selected as ESI highly cited papers. He presided over 5 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and was selected as Outstanding Youth of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Distinguished Professor of Liaoning province, Liaoning Top 100 Talents, and University Talents Program. He won 4 second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award in Liaoning Province (acting as the first accomplisher twice). He served as communication review expert of National Natural Science Foundation and Postdoctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education, training expert of Chinese Academy of Sciences“drug research ADME technology”, director of World Federation of Chinese Medicine-Chinese Medicine Analysis, Chinese Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chinese Medicine Appraisal Committee, reviewer ofJ. Chromatogr. A, Oncotarget, RSC Adv., Oncotarget, and other periodicals.

Prof. Gao Hao is the director of Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Products, dean of Department of Chinese Pharmacy, member of Academic Committee, Jinan University, and deputy director of the Key Laboratory-therapeutic material basis of traditional Chinese medicine and innovative drug research, Guangdong Province. Prof. Gao Hao, graduated from pharmacy science base class of SPU in 2005 and received doctoral degree in natural medicine chemistry. He has been engaged in the research of pharmacodynamic substance of traditional Chinese medicine and natural active ingredient. He presided over 4 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and a number of provincial and ministerial-level issues, and published more than 100 SCI papers and obtained more than 10 patents, participated in editing one English Monograph. He is an editorial member of youth editorial board of many SCI and domestic core periodicals, and also served as the standing director or committee member of a number of national and provincial academies. He was selected in the list of National Excellent Youth, New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China, Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation for Yong Teachers of Ministry of Education of China, Pearl River Scholar of Guangdong Province, Leading Talent in Special Support Program of Science and Technology Innovation, Guangdong Province, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province for Outstanding Youth and Talents. He won Chinese Pharmaceutical Association-Shi Wei Ya Youth Pharmaceutical Chemistry Award and the Fifth Jin Bo Award, and won the title of outstanding teacher of Guangdong Province.

Dr. Hu Youcai, doctoral supervisor, works as a researcher in Institute of Materia Medica of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. He won the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Excellent Youth Science Foundation, also a distinguished professor of “Union scholar”, Peking Union Medical College. He was mainly engaged in the research of natural product chemistry and natural drug biosynthesis. He has published more than 40 research papers in world famous journals such asNature Chemical Biology, Journal of American Chemical Society, Angewandte Chemie International Edition and Organic Lettersetc., and many of his research papers have been highly appraised by “Faculty of 1000”- International biology and the evaluation system of medical papers; he participated in compiling 6 monographs, and won the first prize of the Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education. He acted as reviewer of some professional magazines, such asTetrahedron, Tetrahedron, Letters, J, Asia, Nat, Prod, Res, Bioorganic & Medicinal, Chemistry, Fitoterapiaetc. He is an adjunct professor of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, member of youth editorial board of “Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B”,Journal of Pharmaceutical Science,Chinese Chemical Letters, Natural Product Research and Development.

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