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Japanese Prof. Satoshi ōmura, Winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine Cordially Meets with SPU Delegation --- Successful Completion of the 3rd Visit in Japan for Environmental Science Majors
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From February 25th to March 4th, the 11-member delegation from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Engineering of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University carried out a one-week “Special Practice on Japanese Advanced Environmental Protection Technology”. The delegation was led by Prof. Hou Xiaohong and composed of 8 undergraduates majoring in environmental science and 2 teachers and warmly welcomed by Prof. Satoshi ōmura.

On February 27th, Prof. Satoshi ōmura delivered a brief speech on Shirokane Campus of Kitasato University. In his speech, he welcomed everyone to Japan and recalled his first visit to Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in 1981. Prof. Satoshi ōmura inquired about the weather in Shenyang and recalled, “when I was your age, I used to go skiing and thus established lifelong friendships.” He believed that both art and academic research required creativity and imagination, so one should be exposed to more new things, make more friends, and enrich life. He also stressed that one should treat others with sincerity and respect, and cherish what one has got. After the speech, Prof. Satoshi ōmura had cordial exchanges with Prof. Kawanishi Yasuhiro and Prof. Hou Xiaohong, and posed for pictures with all the teachers and students present.

During the study period, the delegation visited a variety of universities and institutes, including Daiichi Sankyo Kusuri Museum, Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd (Hiratsuka Plant), Tokyo Sunglow Water Treatment Plant, Tokyo Shibaura Water Recycling Center, Toshima Cleaning Plant (garbage disposal incineration),Sagamihara Campus of Kitasato University, Kitasato Environmental Science Center,Shirokane Campus of Kitasato University,and Japan Industrial Technology Research Institute (Tsukuba).

After the visits, participants got a comprehensive understanding of the advanced technology, concept of environmental protection as well as the rigorous and complete management system in environmental protection, which was based on the demonstration of water purification, sewage treatment, waste incineration and other processes, and personal experience of the simulation process machine for drug production, design and the advanced soundless room. The Japanese professors also introduced the accomplishments of advanced scientific research on environmental protection and the advanced equipment.

Students were impressed by the Japanese deeply-rooted concept of environmental protection, and were touched by their rigorous and serious work attitude. The visit is an important measure to promote the professional construction of environmental science in SPU and improve the quality of environmental talents training in pharmaceutical industry.

The communication and exchange in environmental science with foreign countries, combined with the courses set by the visiting Japanese professors for environmental science majors, helped broaden students’ horizons, stimulated their enthusiasm for learning and professional attribution, promoted the internationalization of talents cultivation, and improved teachers’ teaching capacity, as well as enhance their professional level. Thus it is of great significance to push forward the development of environmental science in SPU.The visit has received a high degree of attention and vigorous support fromProf. Kawanishi Yasuhiro, alifelong honorary professor of SPU and the consultant of environmental science center in Kitasato University, and Prof. And chairman Ito Toshihiro,and it has also got strong support and on-site guidance from our visiting professors MONIWA, UEHARA, FUKUHARA.

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