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SPU First flag-raising ceremony in May
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On May 9th, 2016, the flag-raising ceremony was held on the main and south campuses respectively. Hou Yanlin, SPU deputy secretary of CPC committee and all cadres of student administration attended the ceremony.

At 7:10 a.m., the ceremony officially began. The school honor guard for the national flag, valiant and heroic in bearing, marched into the playground in orderly peace with the musical rhythm of “The March of PLA”. Along with the magnificent “National Anthem”, the five-star red flag rose up slowly, fluttering in the wind.

Wang Zhengyu from Pharmacy Class 1, Faculty of Pharmacy in 2013(80K), the 41stvice chairman of the Student Union, addressed his speech under the national flag. In the speech, he called for all students to be down-to-earth, to be hardworking, to concentrate on research and to be courageous innovators. He also heartened students to integrate their youth dreams with that of the school as well as “China Dream”, and to contribute to the development of pharmaceutical cause of China.

Wu Enhua, the secretary of SPU Youth League Committee, pointed out, “this year is the 97thanniversary of the May 4thMovement. The spirit of the May 4thMovement including ‘patriotism, progress, science and democracy’ should be kept everlastingly and passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, based on the guidance of the spirit of May 4thMovement, students at Shenyang Pharmaceutical University are encouraged to inherit and carry forward the school’s glorious revolutionary tradition, to establish the firm ideal and faith, to acquire excellent skills and professional knowledge, to actively participate in social practice, to courageously open up innovation, to improve the comprehensive quality, so as to inspire bright youth through the regretless struggle.”

As the most direct and vivid form of education for students, the flag-raising ceremony will be held on Monday of the 1stweek of every month since May. SPU Youth League Committee hopes to stimulate students’ patriotism and guide students to establish a correct ideal for devoting wisdom and strength to their motherland and the people through such a brief and solemn ceremony.



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