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Awarding Ceremony of 2016 Innovative Video Contest for Drug Safety Popular Science Held in SPU
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On May 19, 2016, the awarding ceremony of 2016 Innovative Video Contest for Drug Safety Popular Science was held in the Students’ Activity Center on the south campus of SYPHU. Li Haifeng, inspector from the Department of Media and Publicity, China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), Bi Kaishun, President of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Hou Yanlin, SPU deputy secretary of CPC committee, the comrades in charge of the Division of Visual Media and Publicity of the Media and Publicity Center, CFDA, the representatives of evaluation experts, the Secretaries of Youth League Committees from participating universities, and leaders from relevant departments attended the ceremony.

The contest, which was hosted by the Youth League Committee of SPU under the auspices of Media and Publicity Center CFDA and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, was vigorously supported by many medical and pharmaceutical universities like Chinese Medical University and Liaoning Traditional Chinese Medicine University, etc. and was participated in by nearly one thousand college students. The contest was carried out with innovation of drug safety popular science as the theme, college students as the main body and micro videos and modern media techniques of H5 as the main forms. After rounds of evaluation by experts from relevant fields, finally 79 works were selected, 39 being micro video works and 40 being H5 works. The categories of the works selected, whose knowledge points were accurate and forms were lively and various, covered many aspects of drug safety such as drug safety for focus population, drug safety for common diseases, misunderstandings of common drugs and precautions for drug use etc.

Li Haifeng noted in his speech that this contest was well organized and widely participated in, its evaluation was strict and the effectiveness was remarkable. The success of the competition was of great significance and far-reaching impact for deepening educating the public on drug safety, improving drug safety literacy of the public and promoting the innovative development of drug safety popular science. He hoped that the students could actively participate in activities to popularize drug safety science in the future and make their contribution to building a social pattern of jointly administering and benefiting from drug safety.

At the award ceremony, President Bi Kaishun congratulated the award-winning individuals and units, and fully appreciated the success and significance of this contest. At the same time, he hoped that medical and pharmaceutical students could take this contest as an opportunity to play a positive role in the publicity of drug safety science, and be fully aware of their responsibility and mission as a medical and pharmaceutical professional, persevering and insisting on their own dreams and beliefs to contribute all their strength to physical and mental health of mankind as well as sound development of our country’s medical and pharmaceutical cause. Liu Lishuang, a girl undergraduate majoring in Japanese Pharmacy from 2014 Class in SPU, gave her speech as a representative of all the winners. She shared her intention of participating in the contest and what she had gained from the contest and called on pharmaceutical students to engage in publicity of drug safety vigorously to give back to the society and serve the public with their professional knowledge.

Dang Dasheng, a clinical pharmacist from the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region, spoke as a representative of all evaluation experts. He said that he, as a pharmacist working at the grassroots hospital, was very pleased to see such excellent successors growing up so prosperously in universities. The contest both exercised the would-be pharmacists’ capability of practicing drug safety, and embodied the universities’ teaching concept of combining theories with practice.

In 2016, a series of popular science video contests were held under the auspices of Media and Publicity Center of CFDA, concerning food, medicine, health food, cosmetics, medical devices, etc. Yet this Innovative Video Contest for Drug Safety Popular Science was the only one hosted by a university. Having lasted for six months, the contest finally achieved great success with the guidance of the Media and Publicity Center of CFDA and the active participation of medical and pharmaceutical students in Liaoning Province.








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